10 good reasons to implement document management in my company

Our work is always related to some type of document and therefore implementing document management is always a good idea… Let’s look at the top 10 reasons for this:

1 – I can manage to reduce the documentary costs of my company between 20% and 40%, since I will have cheaper technology to be able to carry out the same tasks, but at a lower economic cost.

2 – I increase and improve the relationship and image with my clients, since with these solutions I can automate and guarantee the delivery of information to my clients. In addition to being able to provide it in the format, time and place they want.

3 – I increase the efficiency of my staff since some or many of the processes that are now manual become totally or partially automatic. This helps us to do more, in the same time and to be able to carry out tasks of greater qualification.

4 – The productivity of my company is increased by at least 6%, just by reducing process times.

5 – I reduce the collection time, since I can significantly speed up the billing delivery to my clients and consequently recover my money more quickly. I do not want to forget the savings that this can mean in bank financing loans.

6 – I know that many companies dedicate a lot of space to document storage in their own facilities, up to 20% and 30% according to some statistics, or need rented facilities for this purpose. We can avoid this if we can digitize the documents both legally and fiscally, as occurs with probative value storage solutions or certified scanning.

7 – We never know exactly where the information is. Locating it can be a big problem that directly affects people’s productivity. Having systems capable of telling you where what you want or what you need is not only makes your life easier, but also saves you many working hours.

8 – I am not the only one who finds it difficult to find a document when I have to locate it. Document localization sometimes gets really crazy and wastes a lot of my time. If I add my time to that of my colleagues, the situation is worrying at the end of the year.

9 – I have also had the unpleasant experience of losing a document and I have never been able to know what I have lost with it, because it is not only the time and resources that I have invested in recreating said document, but also the cost that said document was not on time for delivery, study, or whatever. I do not even want to imagine it, since the loss of a document can suppose a very important figure in economic losses.

10 – Email, personal folders, flash drives, etc. there are many personal “niches” of isolated information in any company, which make the information not accessible to the people who really need it, for this reason the information is either not communicated or duplicated and the time of creation, consultation and destruction of said information is multiplied according to the needs of each employee.