Functionalities of document management in health

This week, we continue to talk about the importance of having a document management program in a health center . In today’s post, we talk about some interesting features of a document manager in the health sector. Read more

Implement document management in the health sector

In all medical centers, regardless of their size, the care provided to patients is a priority, and that is why access to all patient documentation quickly and easily is their top priority. Not only will they provide a better service, but the staff will work more agilely and, consequently, with faster forecasts and better solutions. For this reason, we can ensure that acquiring a specific document manager for the sector is convenient. Read more

3 value propositions of the document management consultant

One of the most recurrent complaints among those of us who work in document management is that our work is not made visible or valued. “Archivist? Document management consultant? What is that?” , are words that we hear too often. Read more

Document management in production processes

Any company, in any sector and of any size, can turn their documents into valuable capital.

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Cloud document management. It’s all benefits

There are more and more options available in the market for document management systems, the reason is simple: they are all advantages. These provide functions that professionals can use in a very simple way, automating the most frequent processes within a company. Thanks to the cloud, companies have systems that enhance its performance. Read more

What are the advantages of document management in companies?

At this point, many of us already know that document management is an important part of the company, but there are still many companies that do not consider it so vital, and also see it as an unnecessary added cost. This is because they still do not know its benefits, so in this post today, we explain the advantages of document management within a company. Read more

Christmas wishes from our document management experts

To end the year, what better way to do it with the wishes that our document management experts have sent us. Here are their wishes for this 2018: Don’t miss them! Read more

Having controlled and localized documentation is essential for the business world

Today we talk about document management with Rafael Cid Rodriguez , president of the Andalusian Association of Information and Documentation Professionals (AAPID) and professor of New Technologies in the Access and Use of Bibliographic and Documentary Information in the University Master’s Degree in Documents and Books, Archives and Libraries, at the University of Seville. Read more

The greatest advantage of document management is saving time searching for documents

Today we chat about document management with Miguel Aparisi de Lorenzo, Manager of Docunecta (Digital Brand of CRI DEL HENARES SA). He developed his professional career, among others, in companies such as: Océ Spain (currently Canon Spain). Regional Director and Director of International Accounts, Minolta Business Equipment: Managing Director, Olivetti: Commercial Director, Agfa Gevaert (Bayer Group): Commercial Director, Airtel (currently Vodafone): Director of Direct Sales and Director of Credit Control and Revenue Assurance. Read more

One of the next challenges will be Big Data applied to document management

Today we talk about document management with Omar Rojas Herrera , specialist in Document Management and Archives at the Supervisory Body for Investment in Energy and Mining-OSINERGMIN, and former manager of the General Archive of the Nation in Lima-Peru. Read more