Correct document management achieves an efficient and transparent company

To be able to meet the objectives set, be more efficient and transparent, improve resource planning and document security, have all the necessary documents always within reach, gain immediacy, productivity and comply with regulations, reduce management times and, ultimately, gain in agility and organization. These are just some of the advantages of implementing document management in the company , according to our experts . Of course, as always, there are some buts… You have to have the right resources and plan your resources well. Read more

How does the day-to-day of a company change thanks to document management?

Having a good document management system (and knowing how to use it correctly) clearly helps to improve productivity, achieving greater efficiency in the procedures associated with the use of information. It provides two basic types of savings in the day to day of any company, regardless of the sector: time savings (all documentation is easier to locate and response times are reduced very significantly) and cost savings ( specific spaces dedicated to archives, personnel and other associated actions: paper reduction, toner for printing…) Read more

Keys to choose a document management in the health sector

The purpose of document management in the health sector is to improve the care provided to patients, regardless of whether it is a large hospital, a small clinic or a health center. In all cases, improving access to documentation speeds up the work of health personnel. Now, there are several questions: Read more

Application of document management in a Human Resources process

Today we want to tell you a fictitious example of a hiring and payroll process where the HR and accounting departments are involved. Likewise, as an external agent, the bank that makes the transfers to the employees will intervene. Read more

Document management: The paperless office, utopia or reality?

The paperless office is an old concept that was born in 1940, when the idea of the office of the future arose. In 1975 an article published in Business Week predicted its imminent adoption. But, although with the arrival of PCs in the work environment the idea gained renewed momentum, the modern and increasingly affordable printing and photocopying systems caused the opposite effect. Read more

The future of document management is clearly linked to the current digital transformation.

Guillermo Castellano , founder and document management consultant at Nosturi (a company that offers document management and digital preservation services based on free software solutions) is our guest today at neodoc. Guillermo has a degree in History from the UCM and a University Specialist in Archives from the UNED. Read more

Document management programs, which one to choose?

Currently, no one doubts the advantages of document management in a company. The question is: Which one is better? Which one suits my needs?… It’s not an easy decision, since there are so many programs and many of them are similar. Read more

There is no better tool against corruption than proper document management

Henar Alonso Rodríguez is a Senior Archives Technician at the General Military Archive of Ávila, of the Optional Corps of State Archivists. After passing through the General Archive of Simancas, first as a researcher and then as Head of Reprography, she is currently in charge of the Description Area of one of the Army’s four historical archives. Read more

10 good reasons to implement document management in my company

Our work is always related to some type of document and therefore implementing document management is always a good idea… Let’s look at the top 10 reasons for this: Read more