Certified digitization of invoices

In today’s post we want to talk about the certified digitization of invoices. There is a problem that lies in the simultaneous coexistence between paper and physical invoices.

It is not easy to manage the same information on paper and digitally, update information in both systems, without forgetting any data or worse yet… losing it. For a long time, either of the two formats has been allowed, which caused us to have duplicate information, and the waste of resources to be able to satisfy both needs. Many clients did not want (or believe) in digitization and therefore continued to want everything on paper, others, on the other hand, very quickly jumped into the digital world and began to do everything electronically.

Digitize all invoices and thus accessing a single consultation system for them is not easy, especially considering that in order for digital invoices to be valid they must first go through a certified digitization process through which digital copies with signatures are obtained electronics. In addition, this solution must be approved by the Tax Agency.

We must stop seeing digitization as an expense and begin to value it and see it as a medium/long-term saving. And not only economic, but of resources, thus improving the productivity of the company.

In addition, digitization brings us benefits such as security, it is much more difficult to lose information (misplace) or spoil it over time.

It also gives authenticity to the processes, it is much more difficult to falsify a document, as it is necessary to add an electronic signature.

And last but not least, the most obvious benefit is that we gain physical space. We do not need a space where to store and where to look for a piece of paper becomes an odyssey. You gain speed and agility.

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