Internal document management: internal clients

We always talk about the importance of document management in companies for customer management, but what about internal customers, that is, workers?

Having a document management of business or corporate content is as important as the other. With the rapid technological innovations that we have had, the way of working and the way of seeing work objectives has changed. Everything has changed: communication, collaboration, document management, knowledge, the way to keep our staff satisfied, that is, to build loyalty…

Today’s workers must also be seen as customers to retain so that organizations work and people consider it theirs and are proud to belong to it. This will affect the production and competitiveness of the company.

Having a good intranet, where all company procedures and communication management are channeled, we will ensure that everyone is aligned with the objective.

Today, most companies have many workers outside the offices (either within or outside the same country). With good internal management, we will ensure that anyone has the necessary information and feels that, although they are “far away”, they are part of the company, that they are helped in everything necessary to be able to perform their function well within the company. You will have a feeling of belonging, so we will avoid “brain drain”. In the past, it was “normal” to be in the same position or company for a lifetime, now it is not. People have ambitions, possibilities, training…if they are not comfortable they will leave…and that is bad for any organization.

It is essential that there is good internal document management where all procedures, company policies, documentation to carry out any procedure, etc. are located.
Communication and group feeling and trust must be generated. Allow workers to access platforms without problems, have the confidence that they will know how to use them professionally according to their schedules, amount of work, etc.

Facilitating the flow of work between people or departments is also essential. That workers can connect to perform teamwork, regardless of where they are located and with the greatest of facilities, will foster collaboration and a sense of team.
In addition, if we promote this internal communication, our workers will have no problem sharing jobs . or information with their colleagues, which will generate more productivity and a good working environment. It is also essential to ask and listen to their opinion of the management system, etc… In this way they will feel that they are valued, in the end they are the ones who must use that system on a daily basis and they must feel that it really helps them to carry out their functions, which is practical for them.
This system must be able to adapt to changes and integrate with any other program that we work with, so that there is no need to duplicate information or have one part in one place and another in another, and on top of that, in another format, which will make it difficult to share or retrieve that information when needed.

But there is something that also counts a lot for the feeling of belonging, and that is the feeling of security . Our workers must know that all the information uploaded to the system is safe from errors, whether human or technological (that there is the possibility of recovering possible losses) and, above all, that their personal information is treated confidentially, that there is Data Protection.

On the other hand, there is still a lot of reluctance to change programs or workflows, so the new system must be able to adapt to the current way of working and gradually allow changes. If something works, we should not change it because it is old, that will generate distrust in the workers who have been working like this for many years, we must adapt the technological changes little by little, with the integration of the affected workers, giving good technical support for any problem. .

We must not forget that one of the main bases for the proper functioning of companies is to have loyal internal customers.