The disappearance of paper is imminent

We chat today with Fabian Sakamoto, head of Daruma Digital Data , a company dedicated to document management .

– How do you convince a company that it needs to implement document management?

Well, by telling you that Document Management is necessary today for any company that wants to be well-fitted in the 21st century. Today, only those who ignore the benefits are left out of this. The first thing to think about is the low operating costs, the speed of information with the Internet. The information must be available to those who need it right away. Use the cloud and take advantage of everything positive in the digital age. Paper as a document is disappearing from the planet. I think it is a matter of time for companies to understand how to make good use of the document management system.

– When you say companies, which ones do you mean: just the big ones or also the smaller ones?

The big companies are the ones that have taken the big step, setting the trend. The rest of the companies take the example and many are still afraid to make decisions simply because those in charge of those decisions do not know the benefits and also because changing habits causes insecurities, because if they do not see and touch the physical paper they will not convinces them, this is what happens.

Paper as a document is disappearing from the planet

– Is it expensive to implement document management?

If we think of Document Management as a cost, we are on the wrong track, since we only need to know how to balance between cost and benefit. If we think that the amortization of a document management system is financed only in the first months, the operating costs automatically drop. Perhaps, we should only think about people’s adaptation time and all that this implies, since one of the most conflicting obstacles in companies is radical changes.

– Can companies be calm? Is it safe to store documents in a document manager?

Today, computer security is very reliable. There is also the possibility to encrypt files or group of files, today it is not a problem.

If we think of Document Management as a cost, we are on the wrong track

– What is the greatest advantage of document management?

The response time: you need a document and you have it immediately.

– And the biggest drawback?

I insist that the biggest drawback is resistance to operational change, managers or those who have decision-making power are not always trained to make these decisions, just because of ignorance.

The biggest drawback of document management is resistance to operational change

– How do you see the future of the sector?

In the understanding that everything is going digital, the disappearance of paper is imminent. 10 years ago, more or less, when people talked about the paperless desktop it was crazy that would never happen and today it is already a reality.

– A challenge and a wish for this future…

The challenges are ours, for those of us who believe that the future has already arrived. I fervently hope that the sector can generate simple solutions that are within the reach of any company, no matter how small. I also want to be able to spread these ideas to the world, so I am happy to be able to tell this to you, neodoc readers.