Document management in production processes

Any company, in any sector and of any size, can turn their documents into valuable capital.

Imagine that we have a claim for a product that we have manufactured, and we cannot find the documents that certify that we have followed the standards set for each stage, or else, we have them digitized, but in incompatible formats for the commercial or legal departments. The problem that we can have is very big and numerous.

With a document management system appropriate, we can automate workflows by managing and electronically linking documents, whatever the format, in addition, documents are easy to find by any department that needs them and can be linked to each stage of production, being able to solve the problem immediately, by being able to identify who or what they belong to and which client they are associated with.

And all this, without having to be in the office, so, for example, a salesperson can solve a problem quickly, without having to call anyone from the office and have them look for that document, etc.

A good document management program it will save us frustration among the company’s workers, since by having the entire process detailed, the people involved and with quick access, we will be able to avoid discussions between departments, or people, with the famous phrase «this is not mine», or avoid that an employee has to waste hours looking for a document, which will reduce productivity in what really matters, not only because of the time lost, but also because it will affect them emotionally.

The entire process, from the purchase of materials, the preparation of the product for entry into the machine, the production process, finishing, packaging, logistics, delivery, sale, collection, etc. it will be perfectly controlled and accessible at any time.

The advantages of having a good document management system are innumerable

It represents an investment, but not a cost, in the long run it generates benefits, in internal work and in customer satisfaction

In summary and with clear words: Document management is our friend.