Application of document management in a Human Resources process

Today we want to tell you a fictitious example of a hiring and payroll process where the HR and accounting departments are involved. Likewise, as an external agent, the bank that makes the transfers to the employees will intervene.

To get started it is necessary to create a standard contract form that contains the necessary information for our workflow . The first page of the contract has the operational data: address, payroll, variable, tax, bank data, etc. The document is drawn up across multiple departments and goes through an approval process before it can be accessed by HR employees.

Once the contract is signed by both parties, it must be scanned and digitized with OCR , to save a copy as an image and all the operational details in our centralized database.

With this system, we have avoided having to type all the data by hand , and we have also established a permission policy thanks to which only people with the relevant authorization have access.

Likewise, specific tasks are generated, defined for the incorporation of new employees : manage registration with Social Security and notify the responsible persons, and the payroll process is launched, which has to approve the payment of each of the payrolls. . Once approved, it notifies the administration, which launches the payroll printing process, which in turn generates a batch of transfer orders in a file in XML format that is transmitted to the bank in charge of making the transfers.

The bank processes the batch and returns the file with the status of each transaction. We updated our database, and if there was any incident in our workflow/document management system, it notifies the person defined in the system for each case.
For transfers that have been successfully processed, the system updates the accounting application as well as the CRM system.

Business processes and external systems have been streamlined and integrated!