Digitization of historical documents

We always talk about the importance of digitization in a company, about how important it is for its proper functioning to implement a document management system, but what about historical documents? These must be protected in order not to be able to and one of the ways is through digitization. Read more

Certified digitization of invoices

In today’s post we want to talk about the certified digitization of invoices. There is a problem that lies in the simultaneous coexistence between paper and physical invoices. Read more

The importance of document management and the new GDPR

With the entry of the new data protection law, the well-known RGPD , all companies have found themselves with the urgency of this new much more protective adaptation of user data and that means that companies must have all this information perfectly. controlled. Read more

False myths of digitization

Currently, there is a tendency to think that digitizing businesses can mean the reduction of employment, the closure of physical stores and there is even the belief that it is only for large companies. Nothing is further from reality. Read more

Document management and the logistics sector

Today we want to talk to you about one of the sectors in which the union with document management is most obvious: the logistics sector .

One of the great problems that companies related to the logistics sector face on a daily basis is the correct management of the large volume of documentation associated with each process, specifically that of the delivery notes related to the transport and distribution of merchandise. That is why their union is so indispensable. Read more

Implementing an Electronic Document Management system: before, during and after

We cannot deny that current documentary production is, to a large extent, in electronic media. Regardless of whether it is a public or private entity, this is the common denominator. Just as it is, that Document Management continues to focus on documents that are produced or received in analog media and therefore, current electronic document management is an almost certain path to digital Alzheimer’s, but we will talk about it later. . Today I want to talk about what to do before, during and after, as the title of the post suggests.

Read more

Document management on the cloud: is it safe?

Today, companies and workers still have many reluctance to document management systems. The belief in the lack of security still makes many companies duplicate processes, that is, they continue to manage paper and carry out procedures in the system, which is absolutely unproductive. Read more

Definition of policies, responsibilities, training and document management instruments, allows an organizational and technological environment

Today we chat about document management with Nani Forte.
Freelance consultant expert in the implementation of electronic document management projects in the private sector and in public administration. Read more

Internal document management: internal clients

We always talk about the importance of document management in companies for customer management, but what about internal customers, that is, workers? Read more

10 tips to apply document management in your company

In this post, we give you 10 tips for document management in both companies and public administrations. These tips, although they may seem obvious, are not yet applied properly, so let’s remember them. Read more