The importance of document management and the new GDPR

With the entry of the new data protection law, the well-known RGPD , all companies have found themselves with the urgency of this new much more protective adaptation of user data and that means that companies must have all this information perfectly. controlled.

As we all know, on May 25, the RGPD will come into force, the new data protection law that has revolutionized the world and, to which yes or yes, we must be adapted. This law is much stricter in terms of protection. It defines as personal data elements that until now were not, and it is tougher with non-compliance. Taking into account the era in which we live, where we are controlled technologically and often without users being aware of it, we understand this step towards restriction as normal.

Now, if we talk about the impact on companies, it is another story. All companies have had to carry out very strict internal processes in order to adapt their operations to the new law. Among many other things, it includes many changes and much more control at the archival level.

A company, whether large or small, files a large number of documents with information about its clients or potential clients, which includes a lot of personal data, which, and until the entry of the new law, were used for commercial purposes.

Even today, many companies store customer and potential customer data in a thousand different ways within the same entity. That is, it is very normal for data to be duplicated in several departments. Not having a single document management system that stores all the information with which the company works, whether for production, logistics, finance, marketing, commercial, etc., the data of the same person is repeated and that makes it difficult to comply with data protection, since If a client decides to stop being a client, it is very logical that commercial communications continue to be sent to him, since the department to which he has communicated it has not transmitted it to the others, and that generates anger in the users.

Now more than ever, it is of great importance that all companies digitize their documents and have a document manager that encompasses all the company’s information and that is easy to use, as well as valid to comply with the RGPD.

As of May 25, 2018, the communications of the companies to their clients and potential clients must protect their privacy, as well as make their rights prevail, among them, the right to be forgotten . If all this information flows through the different departments of the company without control or internal communication of any changes that may occur, we could have a big problem.