Functionalities of document management in health

This week, we continue to talk about the importance of having a document management program in a health center . In today’s post, we talk about some interesting features of a document manager in the health sector.

A document management system has multiple functionalities, depending on the sector we use one or the other. Below we detail some of the most interesting for a health center:

The barcode

In a health center, the bar code is basic. When a patient goes to the emergency room, for example, they give him a bracelet with his name and a barcode, where, when passed through the scanner, the symptoms and history appear. In addition, all the tests that are carried out (analyses, X-rays, etc.) will carry that same code, as will the doctor’s report. That a document management system can print barcodes in the form of a label, recognize the code when it is scanned and classify all the patient’s documentation digitally, associating all this information with it is vital to streamline processes.

• Record control

The clinical history of a patient undergoes many variations, not because of logic over the years, but because in the same report the diagnosis can change, depending on the tests carried out, response to medication or no improvement in symptoms. . A good document management system gives the possibility to review the report at the moment, see the changes that may have occurred and even by whom they have been made and why. It also offers the possibility of establishing permissions based on the authorization you have to view or modify that document.

This correct organization within a good document manager will mean that for years to come, the information will not be lost between papers, or that it cannot be accessed due to changes in the version of the program, so it will always be available, although, for example, , the doctor changed.

• Biometric signature

Very important for the security of the patient’s documentation (the data processing consent signature) and for the authorization of treatments or tests by health personnel. It is completely legal and analyzes characteristics such as stroke and pressure to guarantee that it is authentic.

These are just some of the advantages of implementing a good document management system, since, in addition, in all sectors, the most important thing is that they adapt to the changes we are experiencing and always have the information in perfect condition.