How does the day-to-day of a company change thanks to document management?

Having a good document management system (and knowing how to use it correctly) clearly helps to improve productivity, achieving greater efficiency in the procedures associated with the use of information. It provides two basic types of savings in the day to day of any company, regardless of the sector: time savings (all documentation is easier to locate and response times are reduced very significantly) and cost savings ( specific spaces dedicated to archives, personnel and other associated actions: paper reduction, toner for printing…)

It can also allow the company to get homologated and/or certified in some international standards, and of course, it helps with regulatory compliance in terms of data protection! It also allows them to catch up on document retention (electronic document retention regulations)

Common problems in the use of documentation/information such as duplicate records are avoided. It substantially improves mobility, since it allows the team to consult the documentation from any point using any computer with an Internet connection.

It must be taken into account that many of these improvements provided by DG imply assuming an initial “risk” and a cost of change, which not all companies see from the beginning. It should also be noted that document management It can force to carry out tasks that can be complex to combine with the core of the company itself (for example, digitize the documents that feed a GD software – take the physical file out of the offices – destroy documentation…) and it would be very It is interesting to collaborate with a company that is an expert in these solutions and that helps us by outsourcing these processes.

Javi Diaz is a consultant for MDA , a company that has offered, for more than 29 years, information and documentation management services: custody, digitization and IT solutions, certified confidential destruction, specialized HR support, etc.