Implementing an Electronic Document Management system: before, during and after

We cannot deny that current documentary production is, to a large extent, in electronic media. Regardless of whether it is a public or private entity, this is the common denominator. Just as it is, that Document Management continues to focus on documents that are produced or received in analog media and therefore, current electronic document management is an almost certain path to digital Alzheimer’s, but we will talk about it later. . Today I want to talk about what to do before, during and after, as the title of the post suggests.

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Definition of policies, responsibilities, training and document management instruments, allows an organizational and technological environment

Today we chat about document management with Nani Forte.
Freelance consultant expert in the implementation of electronic document management projects in the private sector and in public administration. Read more

3 value propositions of the document management consultant

One of the most recurrent complaints among those of us who work in document management is that our work is not made visible or valued. “Archivist? Document management consultant? What is that?” , are words that we hear too often. Read more

Having controlled and localized documentation is essential for the business world

Today we talk about document management with Rafael Cid Rodriguez , president of the Andalusian Association of Information and Documentation Professionals (AAPID) and professor of New Technologies in the Access and Use of Bibliographic and Documentary Information in the University Master’s Degree in Documents and Books, Archives and Libraries, at the University of Seville. Read more

The greatest advantage of document management is saving time searching for documents

Today we chat about document management with Miguel Aparisi de Lorenzo, Manager of Docunecta (Digital Brand of CRI DEL HENARES SA). He developed his professional career, among others, in companies such as: Océ Spain (currently Canon Spain). Regional Director and Director of International Accounts, Minolta Business Equipment: Managing Director, Olivetti: Commercial Director, Agfa Gevaert (Bayer Group): Commercial Director, Airtel (currently Vodafone): Director of Direct Sales and Director of Credit Control and Revenue Assurance. Read more

One of the next challenges will be Big Data applied to document management

Today we talk about document management with Omar Rojas Herrera , specialist in Document Management and Archives at the Supervisory Body for Investment in Energy and Mining-OSINERGMIN, and former manager of the General Archive of the Nation in Lima-Peru. Read more

Correct document management achieves an efficient and transparent company

To be able to meet the objectives set, be more efficient and transparent, improve resource planning and document security, have all the necessary documents always within reach, gain immediacy, productivity and comply with regulations, reduce management times and, ultimately, gain in agility and organization. These are just some of the advantages of implementing document management in the company , according to our experts . Of course, as always, there are some buts… You have to have the right resources and plan your resources well. Read more

How does the day-to-day of a company change thanks to document management?

Having a good document management system (and knowing how to use it correctly) clearly helps to improve productivity, achieving greater efficiency in the procedures associated with the use of information. It provides two basic types of savings in the day to day of any company, regardless of the sector: time savings (all documentation is easier to locate and response times are reduced very significantly) and cost savings ( specific spaces dedicated to archives, personnel and other associated actions: paper reduction, toner for printing…) Read more