Document management on the cloud: is it safe?

Today, companies and workers still have many reluctance to document management systems. The belief in the lack of security still makes many companies duplicate processes, that is, they continue to manage paper and carry out procedures in the system, which is absolutely unproductive. Read more

Christmas wishes from our document management experts

To end the year, what better way to do it with the wishes that our document management experts have sent us. Here are their wishes for this 2018: Don’t miss them! Read more

Correct document management achieves an efficient and transparent company

To be able to meet the objectives set, be more efficient and transparent, improve resource planning and document security, have all the necessary documents always within reach, gain immediacy, productivity and comply with regulations, reduce management times and, ultimately, gain in agility and organization. These are just some of the advantages of implementing document management in the company , according to our experts . Of course, as always, there are some buts… You have to have the right resources and plan your resources well. Read more

Experts debate: That the format is “digital” does not mean that it is electronic, much less interoperable

Our last interview has generated a great debate on the networks and, of course, we love it. Our objective, as you know, is to be precisely a forum for opinions (always from respect and diversity of points of view). Those who know the most about document management, our dear experts have debated on this occasion about the remains that await the sector soon. Read more