Christmas wishes from our document management experts

To end the year, what better way to do it with the wishes that our document management experts have sent us. Here are their wishes for this 2018: Don’t miss them!

The importance of the professional

Some of our experts tell us about the importance of having the right people and the appreciation of this work within the organization.

Javier G Cachafeiro‏ @jgcachafeiro That the professionals who carry out our work be valued, both in public and private archives, both by the people who work within the institution where we are, and by society “we are necessary” “we are cool” .

Jose Luis Muñoz‏ @jlmunozr That you visit and know the archives where we work.

José Luis Carreño S.‏ @jlcarrenos That Outsourcing companies hire qualified personnel and improve the quality of the services and products they deliver. Likewise, the supervision of these contracts is carried out with the greatest technical rigor.

Henar Alonso ‏ @Henararch That we manage to convince those responsible for organizations of the importance it has for their effective and transparent daily management. Let them believe it.

For an immediate Archives Law

Others also want for this 2018 to approve the
Pending Archives Law and greater awareness of Document Management, this is what they tell us:

Iván Rodríguez ‏ @jivan_rodri For the Canary Islands, finally an Archives Law that has not yet been approved. For the entire sector, greater awareness of the role of Document Management and its professionals

Carmen Guardia ‏ @CarmenGuardia1 Visibility, means, adaptability, acceptance of our transversality, transparency, more documentary assessment, many PGDs in the AALL, and that the new Law on Archives and Document Management be approved soon in Madrid. For asking not to stay, right?

Pedro Cabrera‏ @ pcabrera7 May interoperability become a reality. A realistic Canary Islands Archive Law and also an unequivocal definition of the single electronic archive.

More qualified professionals and greater transparency

Grup Arxivers Lleida‏ @arxiverslleida Transparency, Free Access, Open Data, Open Gov, Digital Administration and all this wrapped in budgets and adequate facilities, with sufficient personnel and means.

Sergio Gómez‏ @sghomez I wish that Documentary Management be on the political agendas of all countries and that thus, the importance that the preservation of memory deserves is given. I wish that information professionals learn more and more every day, and that we also contribute that knowledge to society.

Silvina Noguera @silvinanoguera I totally agree with “I wish that information professionals learn more and more every day, and that we also contribute that knowledge to society.”

Susana Verdejo ‏ @susanaverdejo I wish for more resources, less intrusiveness, better quality projects with trained professionals, more recognition of our work and the projects we work on. And more collaboration between different sectors and Document Management.

And to finish… More enthusiasm and empathy

We end this wish post with those of Silvia García ‏ @SilGarGon.

I ask for motivation, enthusiasm, positivity and empathy.