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Document management and agile and powerful ECM for any organization.

neodoc helps you manage document and content processes in an efficient way, boosting collaboration and productivity of any workflow and process wherever you are.

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Robotization and automation of all types of documentary processes

neodoc provides you with the necessary tools to automate and capture information from any digital or paper documentary process, freeing your team of tedious manual tasks, saving time and reducing errors.

Plug&Play integration

Direct integration for greater productivity

neodoc integrates with your organization´s IT ecosystem, boosting your teams´ productivity and integrating data from other processes and applications.

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When companies generate a large volume of documentation, document management becomes an authentic ally, a vital element when streamlining processes.

One of the most common problems arises in a fundamental process for all companies: supplier´s invoices management. A process, largely manual, that involves significant time consumption and that usually maintains a specific validation workflow (visa, conformation, etc.).

Among other problems, include errors in the invoices receipt and distribution, space problems, storage and invoice search, loss of time in the process of manual invoice submission, errors in accounting, slowness in the process of verification, approval and recovery or delays in the payment process.

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It is increasingly essential and more frequent among Spanish and European companies to have a Compliance system or electronic document management with probative value. A system that is gaining weight in companies due to the increasing complexity of the regulatory environment.

Also known as regulatory compliance, the concept of compliance becomes vital in financial institutions, large groups in the aerospace, energy and textile sectors.

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The companies that work for projects (construction -management of works-, engineering, consulting companies, etc.) have a common problem: They find it difficult to share their knowledge and to flow.

These are companies that need management systems with which they can efficiently reuse and manage knowledge. That is, systems with which they can reuse and standardize, both the documents used in a project and the management structures of it. And this is precisely one of the main objectives of the solution neodoc Projects.

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Companies in the industrial sector have a very specific problem that affects them day after day. They need to simplify the project management documents, organize all the technical documentation (engineering plans, structural plans, maps …) and, of course, reduce your execution times

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