Implementing an Electronic Document Management system: before, during and after

We cannot deny that current documentary production is, to a large extent, in electronic media. Regardless of whether it is a public or private entity, this is the common denominator. Just as it is, that Document Management continues to focus on documents that are produced or received in analog media and therefore, current electronic document management is an almost certain path to digital Alzheimer’s, but we will talk about it later. . Today I want to talk about what to do before, during and after, as the title of the post suggests.

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3 value propositions of the document management consultant

One of the most recurrent complaints among those of us who work in document management is that our work is not made visible or valued. “Archivist? Document management consultant? What is that?” , are words that we hear too often. Read more

How does the day-to-day of a company change thanks to document management?

Having a good document management system (and knowing how to use it correctly) clearly helps to improve productivity, achieving greater efficiency in the procedures associated with the use of information. It provides two basic types of savings in the day to day of any company, regardless of the sector: time savings (all documentation is easier to locate and response times are reduced very significantly) and cost savings ( specific spaces dedicated to archives, personnel and other associated actions: paper reduction, toner for printing…) Read more

What Iron Man would bring to Document Management

Think about what Document Management will be like
in the not too distant future it is an exercise that we should do every day. Not only as an imaginative exercise, but as a way of visualizing ourselves as professionals capable of providing effective solutions , regardless of the technological changes that come. Read more


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10 Good practices for the implementation of document management software

When we talk about installing a new electronic document management system , we are faced with a sad reality: there are often more failures than successes . And this is largely due to the cultural change that this process entails. Changing the chip and reducing the use of paper is a change that has an impact in many ways and despite being in the XXI Century, it still costs. Read more