Document management on the cloud: is it safe?

Today, companies and workers still have many reluctance to document management systems. The belief in the lack of security still makes many companies duplicate processes, that is, they continue to manage paper and carry out procedures in the system, which is absolutely unproductive.

For the company to gain in organization, management, accessibility, etc, it must trust, both it and the workers themselves (let’s not forget that they are the internal customers , and they can make an internal system work or not, and that will have a direct impact on our external success) in cloud document management systems.

We have asked our experts to explain to us if document management in the cloud is safe and why they believe that, although like everything there may be risks, we should trust it.

As Sergio Gómez @sghomez told us, “there is no 100% secure cloud system ( read the following news)… However, it all depends on the specific needs and the type of information available in these environments.” and he explains “another matter to take into account is the contractual level. There we must shield ourselves to the maximum and correctly assess the information. It all depends on the requirements on the matter!”

For Susana Verdejo @susanaverdejo “Companies are “afraid” of security threats and the lack of data control, this is solved with risk analysis and reviewing the contract with your Cloud provider very carefully” and points out “But dear, the advantages are Incredible YES to On Cloud Document Management!”

Pedro Cabrera @pcabrera tells us “We will start by saying that Cloud Computing is a way of providing services and not products, therefore, our work must be oriented towards providing the evidence service, a process that must be evidenced. ” Like the other experts, Pedro gives us some advice “Be careful with the specifications” and adds “Are you 100% sure? No, but to think that by having the data on our servers we have control is the closest thing to an act of The Cloud is a dynamic model where security, installation, updating or maintenance is delegated and it is also much cheaper” and ends by saying that “On the other hand, it is a computer technique, not archival and that forces us to renew our base of knowledge through integration in multidisciplinary teams and responses to work stoppages alleging insecurity, should not occur without prior exploration.”

In conclusion, as is commonly said: nothing is certain in this life, but that is not why we should turn our backs on techniques that can have many advantages once we have applied them and worked with them. It will mean an adaptation of work routines and internal “mentality”, and we can even spend years with the process of change (which will be easier if we have the help of an expert, with the figure of a documentarian) but after a little starting with a good document management system, we will see all the advantages that it entails for the company and for the productivity of the workers (and their satisfaction) and that the external client will notice.