The greatest advantage of document management is saving time searching for documents

Today we chat about document management with Miguel Aparisi de Lorenzo, Manager of Docunecta (Digital Brand of CRI DEL HENARES SA). He developed his professional career, among others, in companies such as: Océ Spain (currently Canon Spain). Regional Director and Director of International Accounts, Minolta Business Equipment: Managing Director, Olivetti: Commercial Director, Agfa Gevaert (Bayer Group): Commercial Director, Airtel (currently Vodafone): Director of Direct Sales and Director of Credit Control and Revenue Assurance.

1- How important is document management today for companies? Do all of them require a document management system?

In my opinion, in the midst of a digital revolution, it makes the difference between those that continue (those that implement it) and those that cannot continue. Competitiveness is stronger every day and personnel costs are one of the elements that carry the most weight. Document Management allows to reduce the costs of administration personnel making the company more competitive.

All companies manage documents and require more or less staff depending on whether their systems are automated. Any company that spends more than 3 hours a month searching and managing documents needs it.

2- Is it only suitable for large companies?

No, the only difference is the features that need to be implemented. Let me cite a parallel with transportation: Some will need a van and others a trailer. Outsourced solutions can also be provided.

3- How much does it cost to have document management?

To give you an idea, the disbursement per month is the same as the amount of 4 hours of less qualified staff.

Some will need a van and others a trailer

4- Is it safe to have documents in document management?

Digitization implies user authorizations and encryption, which are two fundamental elements in security.
In the same way that we are able to operate with our banks (with our money) over the Internet, our information gains in security since we can authorize what information each person can access and then see what information has been consulted, when and by whom.

5- If you had to say just one, what is the greatest advantage of document management?

Saving time in searching for documents. No matter how tidy and organized we are, computing is immediacy.

6- And the biggest drawback?

Resistance and misgivings to change. In organizations there are some people who cling to the ways of working they know, but the reality is changing very quickly and it is necessary to rely on technological tools to be competitive.

The disbursement per month is the same as the amount of 4 hours of less qualified personnel

7- Where do you think the future of the sector lies?

In the total interdocumental automation. In the future, all documents will be exchanged between companies digitally, in fact, this is already planned and the change is already underway

8- What challenges do you think it will face in the medium term?

Common standards must be sought and implemented

9- A wish for the future of the sector…

That we human beings can dedicate ourselves to more creative and rewarding work. In the same way that the industrial revolution left to machines the most thankless and heavy tasks in which human intervention or many fewer people were not necessary to operate the machines.