Correct document management achieves an efficient and transparent company

To be able to meet the objectives set, be more efficient and transparent, improve resource planning and document security, have all the necessary documents always within reach, gain immediacy, productivity and comply with regulations, reduce management times and, ultimately, gain in agility and organization. These are just some of the advantages of implementing document management in the company , according to our experts . Of course, as always, there are some buts… You have to have the right resources and plan your resources well.

José Luis Carreño @jlcarrenos explains that document management “contributes to fulfilling the mission and objectives of organizations.” And he points out that this is only possible “as long as adequate resources are available.”

For his part, Sergio Gómez ‏ @sghomez believes that proper document management makes “the company more efficient and transparent.”

Didier Hurtado ‏ @Didier_Hurtado also speaks of efficiency, who also assures that two things can happen when implementing document management in the company. If the operation is well planned, document management will provide “efficiency, planning and security”, but Didier assures that if it is not, it can “cause problems that cost a lot of money”.

For Montse Nieto @lanieto , the advantage of implementing document management lies in the fact that, thanks to it, the company “would have all the documents within reach, it would communicate with its style, always with its brand, and with all the information”.

Susana Verdejo ‏ @susanaverdejo is of a similar opinion, who assures that a company that goes from not having document management to having it changes radically. The immediate benefits, according to Susana, would be “immediacy in searches, greater productivity, compliance with regulations , and much more”.

Of a similar opinion is Iván Rodríguez ‏ @jivan_rodri who speaks of “reducing time, agility in decision-making and better organization of activities”. Yes indeed! Iván makes it clear that these advantages do not come by themselves and that “you have to work to achieve them”.