One of the next challenges will be Big Data applied to document management

Today we talk about document management with Omar Rojas Herrera , specialist in Document Management and Archives at the Supervisory Body for Investment in Energy and Mining-OSINERGMIN, and former manager of the General Archive of the Nation in Lima-Peru.

1- How important is document management for companies? Do they all need a document manager?

Document management consists of efficiently and systematically controlling the creation, reception, maintenance, use and disposition of documents. And precisely the importance of Document Management lies in control, that is, in having control of all the company’s documents, since this will allow us easy storage, quick consultation of them and efficient recovery of information. . Having said that, I think that today all organizations need a document management system, but they must go step by step. To begin with, it is important that you have identified your documentary needs and your work flows and processes. And it is that each company is different, with specific needs and, therefore, there is no standard model of document management system.

2- And is it only suitable for large companies?

For any large or small organization as long as it is clear about its processes, as it is a way to make profitable and rationalize the management in the administration in terms of the documents and evidence that it keeps.

All organizations need document management, but first they must have identified their document needs and their workflows and work processes

3- How much does it cost to have document management?

I don’t think the cost is of much importance. In fact, more than an expense, document management is an investment that benefits the organization and its members.

4- Is it safe to have documents in document management?

If the design of the organization, its processes, archival management tools, platform and control of the life cycle of the documents are very clear and if the system meets all the information security guarantees that it allows that the documents are authentic, complete, reliable and usable , of course they are safe in order to preserve the corporate memory for the future.

5- If you had to say just one, what is the greatest advantage of document management?

Rationalize documentary production.

More than an expense, document management is an investment that results in benefits for the organization

6- And the biggest drawback?

The identification of workflows.

7- Where do you think the future of the sector lies?

The future is so close that I would even say that document management is constantly changing and improving because the focus is on document data.

We must all be prepared for change and assimilation in the use of technologies

8- What challenges do you think it will face in the medium term?

Precisely to data, they are even thinking about proposing document management based on artificial intelligence, or that document management itself be replaced by data-based management, very controversial by the way… And of course, all this without losing sight of the topic of Big Data applied to document management .

9- A wish for the future of the sector…

That we are all prepared for change and assimilation in the use of technologies, taking into account the criteria of modern archiving… I am thinking especially of Ibero-America.