Keys to choose a document management in the health sector

The purpose of document management in the health sector is to improve the care provided to patients, regardless of whether it is a large hospital, a small clinic or a health center. In all cases, improving access to documentation speeds up the work of health personnel. Now, there are several questions:

Is it more advisable to acquire a specific document manager for the health sector? What functionalities does it incorporate that may be interesting for a center? Would it be better to install it on private servers (on-premise) or in the cloud?…

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The truth is that people who work in healthcare have a main function, which is to ensure the health of their patients. Therefore, health personnel should not be concerned about issues related to paperwork, administrative management or documentary procedures. However, there is no doubt that the health sector is one of the sectors that handles the most documents on a daily basis.

That is why at neodoc we have created neodoc Salud
, a specific neodoc document management solution whose objective is to make the task of healthcare personnel as easy as possible and reduce their intervention in the administrative management of documents, so that they can focus on what is important: patient care.

neodoc integrates with other applications used in the health sector: it recognizes barcodes, QR codes… In addition, it uses the digital signature to guarantee the integrity and validity of the information. neodoc recognizes all types of documents, automatically extracts the relevant data, it allows you to consult the document online throughout the process, it has access through a web interface and it is also a simple, intuitive and totally mobile application.

  • Thanks to neodoc Salud you will be able to spend less time managing documents without losing any and you will save paper and physical space.
  • With the neodoc Saludo solution it will be possible to unify, centralize and complete Informed Consents automatically, always with total confidentiality and respecting the integrity of the information.
  • You will be able to digitize clinical histories and medical records with the possibility of approving, reviewing and rejecting any change in any document.
  • With neodoc Salud, information is always available, 24 hours a day, and from anywhere. You will gain agility because you will find what you are looking for in a few seconds. Say goodbye to repetitive tasks and data duplication.
  • In addition, you will improve patient care and service.