Digitization of historical documents

We always talk about the importance of digitization in a company, about how important it is for its proper functioning to implement a document management system, but what about historical documents? These must be protected in order not to be able to and one of the ways is through digitization. Read more

Certified digitization of invoices

In today’s post we want to talk about the certified digitization of invoices. There is a problem that lies in the simultaneous coexistence between paper and physical invoices. Read more

False myths of digitization

Currently, there is a tendency to think that digitizing businesses can mean the reduction of employment, the closure of physical stores and there is even the belief that it is only for large companies. Nothing is further from reality. Read more

Implement document management in the health sector

In all medical centers, regardless of their size, the care provided to patients is a priority, and that is why access to all patient documentation quickly and easily is their top priority. Not only will they provide a better service, but the staff will work more agilely and, consequently, with faster forecasts and better solutions. For this reason, we can ensure that acquiring a specific document manager for the sector is convenient. Read more